LINC is the student ministry at Freedom Fellowship. 

Our goal is to see students Living IN Christ and Reaching Others For Christ. 

We achieve that goal by Loving God, Loving People, and Doing Life Together.

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When and where does LINC meet?

LINC meets every Wednesday night from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at our church building

in Taylors at 4373 Wade Hampton Blvd.

Who can come to LINC?

LINC is for middle and high school students (grades 6-12).

Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to come worship as well. 

What does LINC stand for?

(L) Living (IN) In (C) Christ


What happens on a typical Wednesday night?

Students start arriving around 6:30pm to hang out and fellowship with one another. Once our gathering starts, we like to start out with some sort of an Icebreaker (a game or funny video), then we spend time worshiping together in music and in studying scripture. Our teaching is always geared towards students and are age appropriate. We then end our night by splitting into smaller groups that we call LifeGroups, where we discuss the sermon, ask questions, encourage one another, and pray together. After our service is over, we spend more time hanging out and having fun.

I’m new. Will there be people there that I know?

Chances are, if you attend a local school or Freedom on Sundays, you will know someone!

If you don't, we will introduce you! 

Do you do anything besides LINC on Wednesday night?

WE DO!!! Part of our mission is to Do Life Together, and we can't do that if we only meet one night a week!

Here's what else we are up to:


Throughout the year, we have game nights that we call HyperLINC (see what we did there?) where we play ridiculous games that you'll never forget! We have several parties throughout the year surrounding fun holidays and school events. Periodically we offer opportunities to serve the community with mission work!


Fall/Winter Trip: Every year, we spend a weekend away worshiping, studying scripture, relaxing, growing together, and having fun, to equip our students up to go into their schools and share the gospel of Jesus with their classmates! 

Summer Camp: During the summer, we take a week long trip to grow together as a group by growing closer to Jesus. The location and date of this trip may change every year. What doesn't change is that this will be one of your favorite weeks of the year!


Like we mentioned earlier, we end our Wednesday night gatherings by Doing Life Together in LINC LifeGroups. These groups periodically and randomly get together throughout the week/month/year to have fun, challenge, and encourage each other as we seek to go through life Living IN Christ. LifeGroups become family, and family spends time together!

If you need further information or have any other questions, contact Dwain Simmons by email at

LINC General Parental Consent Form

(to be completed once per year for trips, events, etc.)