Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE

UPDATE as of 09/21/2020, 1:00pm

We are opening up Freedom Kids (ages 3-5th grade) again on Sunday, October 4, for both services. 

UPDATE as of 08/05/2020, 1:00pm

We’ve made the decision to suspend Freedom Kids (ages 3-5th grade) through the month of September.

Since we came back a little over a month ago, we’ve worked hard to provide an excellent and safe environment for our children to learn about God. The volunteers who have been here have done a fantastic job and we appreciate how hard they've worked to try to make the Freedom Kids experience as normal as it can be. We have had a bit of a shortage of volunteers because we encouraged people to take time off or not return just yet if they weren’t comfortable and we don’t mind at all that they've done that. Others are taking vacations they postponed earlier in the summer and so forth and we’re glad they’re able to do that too.

However, we’ve realized that right now we just can’t provide the level of the experience that we would like for our children. We wish we didn’t have to do this but we’ll take the rest of this month off for ages 3-5th grade and re-evaluate for September soon. As of right now, we will continue to provide care for our infants and toddlers for both services. Your children are more than welcome in the service with you and Ashley will be providing boxes with activities in them for them to have during the service. 

Thank you so much for your flexibility and how you support Freedom Kids. Please don’t hesitate to contact Ashley or Pastor Joseph if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to see you back soon!

UPDATE as of 06/15/2020, 11:00am

Freedom Kids will begin meeting again on Sunday, June 28, at 9:00am and 10:30amWe’re really excited to be making this transition and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure your children are safe while still providing a fun, Bible-based environment created just for them. If you have questions, concerns, or need additional info, email Ashley.

We will also be offering the teaching portion of our service on a one-week delay on Facebook at 10:30am. We will have a host at that time and you can watch it any time after on Facebook or our website

Please continue to adhere to recommendations from the CDC regarding prevention of COVID-19. While masks are not required, you are certainly welcome to wear one if you choose. 

UPDATE as of 05/14/2020, 12:00pm

We're planning to carefully begin meeting again! We will be opening back up Sunday, May 24 for services at 9:00am and 10:30am. While we can open our doors to in-person worship services, there are still some limitations and guidelines to which we need to adhere in order to continue to keep those who choose to attend safe and healthy. These include:

  • Shorter services
  • No nursery or Freedom Kids
  • Maintaining six feet of social distancing
  • Cleaning team that will be cleaning chairs, surfaces, and common touch-points before, between, and after services
  • Serving coffee but no cinnamon rolls
  • Doors to the auditorium from the parking lot available before and after services
  • Offering baskets located in front and back of auditorium
  • Limited number of programs - please use the YouVersion app if possible.
  • Continued service experience Sundays at 10:30am with music and teaching on Facebook through June
  • If you're sick, please stay home and watch online. 
  • If you're at-risk, please consider your options. 

Please continue to adhere to recommendations from the CDC regarding prevention of COVID-19. While masks are not required, you are certainly welcome to wear one if you choose. 

UPDATE as of 03/31/2020, 9:00AM

Due to the extended measures that have been put in place by state and federal authorities, we are continuing the suspension of all gatherings at Freedom until further notice. 

Please continue to adhere to recommendations from the CDC regarding prevention of COVID-19.

Join us for our online Sunday service at 10:30am on Facebook

UPDATE as of 03/19/2020, 11:00AM

We've had a couple of questions about accessing the service online Sunday as well as about giving since many of you give at church during our offering time. Hopefully, this update will provide clarity to those. Please contact us, though, if you need assistance. 

How can I watch the service Sunday?

LIVE - Go to our Facebook page (click here) around 10:30am on Sunday and you should see that we are live and you can click and watch. Our plan is to actually go live around 10:25am and show the counter and announcement loop like we typically do. The service will begin at 10:30am. 

Some tips on watching live:

  • Be fully present. There likely will be distractions once the service starts (digital and wherever you're watching). Choose to stay committed and engaged. Any notifications in Facebook will still be there when we're done. :) 
  • Like & Share. We can't see you, so let us know you're there by liking things as they happen. Also, one of the great benefits of being online is you can share the service and invite friends to watch with you.
  • Worship and don't just watch. Make this a spiritual time - sing, pray, and read the Word along with us. It can feel awkward at first but the Church is the body of believers coming together. You won't hear others singing except right where you are but others will be and you will be joining with them in worship. WE are Freedom - not the address or building. Let's worship together.

Watch via website - If you don't have Facebook or won't be able to be there live, you can go to the Media page on our website by 4:00pm Sunday afternoon and view the message portion of our service. 

How do I give?

First of all, thanks so much for wanting to continue to give. That is important even when we don’t meet - both from a Biblical standpoint as well as a financial perspective for Freedom. Here are a few ways you can give during this time:

Online - Go to the Give page on our website and click the “Give Now” button. That will take you to a secure site where you can input your information and give. You can use a debit/credit card or an ACH transfer which would use your bank's routing number and account number (found on the bottom of your checks). This is the easiest way and it is secure. You can do a one-time gift or you can set up recurring gifts as well. 

Snail Mail - Another way to give is to mail a check to our PO Box. The address is: Freedom Fellowship, PO Box 849, Taylors, SC 29687. 

Church Office - Even though we have the building closed, you could also slide an envelope through the doors at either entrance. We plan to be here or at least someone on staff will come by Monday-Thursday so the latest we would get it would be the following day if you dropped it by Sunday-Wednesday. We are looking into the possibility of some sort of secure drop box, but for the time-being you should be fine putting an envelope through the door.

UPDATE as of 03/16/2020, 12:15PM

As we have continued to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it has become apparent that we should rethink our plans for gatherings at Freedom for the time-being. The CDC's recommendation for group gatherings and the briefings from our state and federal government officials have compelled the Freedom staff and Elders to take additional action. 

Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, we are suspending all gatherings (Sunday services, weekly events, and other events) at our campus through March 31. Please know that we do not make this decision lightly. We know this is disruptive and believe that corporate worship is a biblical mandate for Christians, and we want to resume in-person gatherings as quickly as possible. Prior to the end of the month, we will re-evaluate the circumstances, make a decision on further events and services beyond March 31, and communicate those to you. This "down time" will also give us an opportunity to do a more thorough deep cleaning of our building, including carpet and chairs. 

How will we "do church?"

For the next two Sundays (March 22 & 29), we will be live streaming our Sunday service through our Facebook page at 10:30am. There will not be a 9:00am streaming service.   


We will also be recording the message portion of the service and making it available on our website and podcast just as we do each week. 

We’re also suspending all other church activities on our campus through March 31. Church offices will remain open, and the Freedom staff will still be at work and available as needed. Any future changes will be communicated as they are completed.

LifeGroups will meet at the discretion of the leaders. If they are held, however, they will be held at a location other than the Freedom campus. Please remain in contact with your LifeGroup leader for that information. 
Please also continue to be faithful in your giving. If you typically give at church, consider giving online by clicking here. You may also mail your gift to:

Freedom Fellowship

PO Box 849

Taylors, SC  29687

How can I stay connected and know what's going on?

We offer several ways to stay connected to get the latest updates and know what is happening within our church. If you don't already subscribe to our e-newsletter, you may do that by clicking here to send an email to let us know you'd like to be added to our mailing list. 

Our social media accounts are also great ways to stay connected and get the latest updates. We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our student ministry (LINC), Freedom Kids, and Women's Ministry also have Facebook groups to stay connected with those groups. We will also be updating this web page as things develop. 

What else can I do?

First of all, pray. 

  • Praise God for His sovereignty. He still is and always will be in control of all things. Pray that we will trust Him to help us navigate this season of uncertainty.
  • Pray for wisdom for governmental leaders, the CDC, researchers, other medical personnel, leaders in churches, and other strategic places to respond wisely and appropriately.
  • Pray for cooperation and collaboration among medical agencies and personnel around the world to work together for the well-being and health of all people.
  • Pray for the protection of doctors, nurses, crisis response teams, emergency first responders, researchers and other medical professionals who risk their lives to protect ours.
  • Pray for comfort and healing for those stricken with this virus. Pray they will receive the quality health care they need to regain health and strength. Pray for their healing and for a vaccine to cure and eradicate this virus.
  • Pray for the protection and safety of those considered “at-heightened-risk.”
  • Pray for peace, calmness, freedom from fear, anxiety, and panic among individuals and communities.
  • Pray we would be proactive in proclaiming the gospel and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray this event would be a catalyst for revival. 

Secondly, love your neighbor.

Take a moment and look around you. Who are those people in your life that may be thankful for a helping hand during this time? Offer to run errands for those who have high-risk health concerns, assist with child care for a family, or send a note of encouragement. The tendency is to go into a self-protective mode and isolate; however, we can show others that they are not alone. How the church loves well is important. Challenge yourself to encourage someone today. Sometimes, the most powerful thing we can do is reach out and let someone know we care.

Through it all, pray and ask the Lord to point us back to His truth in all we say and do.

We appreciate your understanding, your support, and most of all, your prayers as we continue to respond to this unprecedented set of circumstances. We will see you online for worship.


Freedom Staff and Elders